The police mobilize against the Cuckoo’s Nest’s punk audience

From the very early days of punk’s presence at the Cuckoo’s Nest, punks and the police came into conflict in and around the Cuckoo’s Nest.  When the police determined that the Cuckoo’s Nest could not or would not pacify its punk audience, the police concocted a plan to regulate and ultimately eliminate the punk threat to the suburban peace, which was carried out by “The Costa Mesa Police Department Special Task Force” or the “Cuckoo’s Nest Special Enforcement.”  This special task force was created as a direct response to grievances lodged by local business owners and also complaints made by parents whose children were subjected to delinquency proceedings as a result of arrests around the Cuckoo’s Nest. Continue reading “The police mobilize against the Cuckoo’s Nest’s punk audience”